Marcus R√łyland

Hailing from the cold north of Norway I was introduced to computers at an early age. It didn’t take long until I had to be forced to spend time outside instead of in front of the screen. This fascination with the digital world combined with a curiosity that would not be satisfied made me obstinately break and fix the shared computer at home.

Several years of this yielded some very good insights into how computers worked, so when I was around 13 I was given the components for a desktop computer and told it would be mine if I could assemble it correctly, which I did.

Flash forward several years where I ended up completing a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering and started working with IT.

All the while I had always been interested in the security side of IT which made me dive into the subject both on and off the clock.

I might not be a “L33t H4x0r”, but I believe that in most cases security for people and businesses can be improved with simple steps that don’t require fluency in the x64 assembly instruction set, but is more about common sense.